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Zynario is, in one word, art. Born with a spirited passion to develop and promote art in every form it can take, we at Zynario offer assistance for art related projects of all kinds. We started off small, like everything great. We started off with small offices, small companies, and small projects. Little by little, step by step, we grew into the well established company that we are today.


Zynario now offers assistance, ideas and services in several art projects such as graphic digital works and urban design. Speaking of design, we also undertake activities related to exhibition designs and retail designing. The fashion industry is another area we are devoted to. Fashion, by itself, is a kind of art that is unparalleled. Here at Zynario, we help make that art well known and famous, by offering an online fashion outlet. Moving on to retail trade, we are proud to confess that we sell and exhibit dream properties. Product designing is also another area we specialize in.


We also work with several people who are professionals in their respective fields. These professionals offer expert advice and assistance in several art issues, and help us along on our way to make the world a more beautiful place.


All of our services are far from being high priced. They are very budget friendly, and we do our best to offer you the highest quality of services at the most affordable rates. So if there’s an art project that you need help with, or if there’s some beauty that you want to spread into the world, go on and contact us.

Customisation is the act of modifying , diverting, embellishing, in short of appropriating the standard productions.


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Hi there! My name is Sindrea Baltisberger, and I am also fondly known as Yaowalak. Born in Thailand, and living and working in Switzerland, I can honestly say that this is a country that has more to offer me than yummy cheese and chocolates. This country offers me delicious inspiration.

I am a graphic and exhibition designer, having graduated from Domus Academy, Milano, Italy, with a Master’s degree in Urban and Architectural Design. For a long time, I was employed with a Swiss exhibition company. But later, freelancing lured me away to places such as Milan, Bangkok, New York, Zurich, Paris, Koln, etc. Interestingly, I also write for an urban architecture magazine.

Today I run my own small studio, based in Zurich West. Christened ‘Zynario Baltisberger & Co.,’ this company was born out of passion and spirit, in October 2012. Over the past couple of years, it has expanded on to many project lines. Zynario now focuses on graphic digital works, and urban exhibitions. We have also moved on to retail design, fashion outlets, sale of dream properties, and product designs.

To put it honestly and modestly, the reason Zynario has grown so well and so quickly is that here at this project, we listen to what you, the customer, has to say. We work closely with all our clients, and offer solutions that are creative, fun, extraordinary and perfect. Zynario also teams up with professionals. This makes the company a unique blend of knowledge and experiences.

Our partners are also well-known agencies in their own right. Our client base includes small, medium, and large enterprises.

Driven by passion and creativity, we constantly strive to offer services of the best quality. Join hands with us, and we will life you up and higher towards a much better, much brighter future.

sindrea baltisberger